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The Esperance Bay Historical Society recognised the need for Esperance to have a museum to preserve its rich history and heritage. The Esperance museum was opened on the 9th of October 1976, after funding was secured from the Commonwealth Government.

It is located in Esperance, a beautiful town that you can only describe as picturesque. It is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in beautiful natural scenery.

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At Esperance Museum, you get to enjoy the following relics and views.


The Skylab is a space engineering and science laboratory. It was launched into the earth’s orbit on the 14th of May in 1973 by a Saturn V rocket. It was the United States’ first-ever, and only space station launched into earth’s orbit. It is also the second-ever space station that a human visited. The space station weighed 170,000 pounds and is the heaviest space station today. It fell about 300-miles to the east of Perth, in the West of Australia. We, at the Esperance Museum, have collected several pieces of the Skylab strewn across the area.

Vintage Machinery

The small town of Esperance is home to a lot of history. The Esperance Museum ensures that the pieces of the town’s history are preserved. It also offers a look into the history of the area and its evolution and growth over the years. Vintage machinery is one of such historical pieces. You can view vintage machinery at the Esperance Museum.


Esperance has a rich maritime history. In fact, the discovery of Esperance was made through the sea by Frenchmen in 1792. The memorabilia left behind by these early settlers are now displayed in the Esperance local museum. Visit us at Esperance to view the memorabilia left behind by Esperance’s early settlers as far back as the 1800s. The items on display will give you an astonishing, entertaining, and educative look into history.


The Museum Park is located on what was the town’s original railway yard. It is set in the former Esperance Railway shed. Expansions led to the construction of the Good Shed in 1896, and expansions continued into the 1900s. Today, the museum is home to the Esperance W919 Railway. The train ran across the tracks between Esperance and Kalgoorlie between the years 1951 and 1969.
Many railway wheels in the factory

Things to Do

Esperance is home to one of the best beaches in Australia. If you are interested in beautiful natural attractions, Esperance is the place for you. The scenery ranges from some rugged cliffs to white beaches to amazing national parks to clear waters and bays with crystal-clear water and so much more. On a visit to Esperance, there are so many amazing activities to engage in. You will never experience a dull moment. Esperance has a very dreamy atmosphere, one of the best in West Australia.

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