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Esperance is home to one of the best beaches in Australia. If you are interested in beautiful natural attractions, Esperance is the place for you. The scenery ranges from some rugged cliffs to white beaches to amazing national parks to clear waters and bays with crystal-clear water and so much more.

On a visit to Esperance, there are so many amazing activities to engage in. You will never experience a dull moment. Esperance has a very dreamy atmosphere, one of the best in West Australia. Here are some awesome activities you can engage in on a visit to Australia.

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Visit Lucky Bay Beach and see the Kangaroos

The Lucky Bay Beach can be found inside the Cape Le Grande National Park. With its beautiful white sand and translucent beautiful blue waters, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in West Australia. You can also watch kangaroos lounging and sunbathing in Lucky Bay. You get to take a step back from civilisation and just enjoy the coastal area. There is free BBQ, toilets and heated baths.

Climb the Frenchman Peak

The Frenchman peak is located in Cape Le Grande National Park. You can take a good hike climbing to the summit. The trail takes an hour to climb. However, it is advised to consult a trail guide before commencing the hike because the path can be quite challenging, and the granites are steep and smooth. The trail is made up of gravel, wood, boardwalks, and rocks.

Visit Woody Island

If you’re looking to be close to nature, Woody Island is the place for you. You can engage in activities like swimming, bushwalking, fishing, and snorkelling. The island is 15km off Esperance’s coast. It is good for family visits and getaways. To reach Woody Island, you can take a one-hour ferry ride.

Take A Ride Around the Great Ocean Drive

From the Esperance town centre, you can begin the Great Ocean Drive. The tourist loop allows you to see the stunning scenery of the region and the beautiful coastline. The drive is 38 kilometres. You can also choose to take the cycling path or the walking path to get a closer look. This path starts at the Esperance Esplanade and ends at the Twilight Cove.

Visit the Esperance Museum

Visit the Esperance Museum and see the Skylab space museum’s pieces that crashed to earth onto Esperance, vintage machinery, the old W919 steam train, relics from the 1800s, and the remains of the Sanko Harvest ship. Your visit will be highly entertaining and educating.

View the Lake Hillier from the Sky

Lake Hillier is also known as the Pink Lake. It is a beautiful scene to behold. It is one of the most recognised and photographed landmarks in West Australia. You can view the lake by taking a boat ride. However, viewing the lake from above is the best. You can take a flight in a helicopter or light plane to view the beautiful lake for yourself.

There are so many more amazing activities to engage in Esperance. Pay a visit to Esperance today.

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